Well, it’s the beginning of a new semester and with that a new year of learning and study (hooray!). After looking through much of the outlined course content I’m really excited for what EDC3100 will offer to my studies. Not only having the opportunity to utilise a number of different technologies and social forums (most of which I have never used before), but also developing my own personal professional development as a pre-service teacher.

But first, a little about me..

My name is Stephanie and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education (English and History) online at the University of Southern Queensland. Most of my tertiary studies so far have been completed online as an external student, so I can personally value the importance that ICTs have in enriching educational opportunities and learning experiences.

I would have to say that my knowledge of technology is fairly good. Apart from having a Facebook account I really don’t engage in a lot of social media as such, however since reading Chris Betcher’s article, Tiny Bursts of Learning my perceptions have changed considerably on the value of these social networking forums.

Having no other real knowledge about what Twitter was and who it was for I decided to educate myself. And so I googled. In a matter of minutes I was able to identify a range of experienced, knowledgeable and professional educators from around the globe (click here) who I have promptly followed on my own newly created Twitter account (feel free to follow me @_stephstar and say hi). I’ve never really heard of social networks being used in this way before and so I’m really excited about the prospect of having access to resources and minds who share a passion for providing innovative, inspiring education for all students. How fantastic to better equip myself with the knowledge to enhance the learning experiences of my future students.

Only recently I came across a video that explores the potential that technology can have in classrooms and the benefits of this on overall performances of students. I thought it might be worthwhile to share and if you do have time to spare I would urge you to watch it as it provides some very thought-provoking and interesting concepts.

I really look forward to progressing through this course during the semester, developing my own skills and knowledge about technology in the classroom as well as engaging with fellow students and staff on the topic of ICT and Pedagogy.

– Stephanie.


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