Blog Prompt

I’ve decided to address the blog prompt that was suggested on the Study Desk for my third post this week, which reads;

Think back on one of the frustrations or time-consuming tasks you’ve already undertaken in this course (or elsewhere) with ICTs. Was it caused by you not understanding the schemata/model of the ICT? What was the difference between your model of what was happening and the model of what was actually happening?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been finding this course to be quite time consuming to settle into, mainly because of the technologies and online services that are all so new to me. I wouldn’t call myself completely clueless when it comes to computers, and in the past I have generally been able to pick up on different programs relatively easy, but I have found some frustrations already in this course.

I have had to outsource a lot of information from other websites to better understand some of these technologies that have been introduced to me in this initial week. Watching additional tutorial videos and reading ‘how to’ blogs have become an essential part of my learning … that, and trial and error. I have particularly found the language that different ICTs use to be challenging to understand, even customising the functionality of my blog resulted in confusion. These frustrations were most definitely a result of not truly understanding the model of the ICT, but in addition I’ve discovered that finding the answers to my questions are not always a simple task either.

No matter the extent of my frustrations however, I can’t say that I’ve ever looked like this…


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