A Changing World

The video provided on the Study Desk this week, Did You Know offered an insight into the way that social media and technology has affected the world. Jacob Veraart (EDC3100) in his blog post, Living In An Ever Changing World draws attention to the changes that have been made since the YouTube video’s creation in 2007, specifically mentioning Facebook’s rapid rise as a popular social media forum. This is a really interesting and thought provoking idea that poses many questions for the future, for if one popular social media forum can be overtaken so easily and in such a short amount of time, then what does the future hold for social networking?

I was really interested in finding out how Facebook compared to Myspace and so began to do some light research on the subject, stumbling across a map that depicts the number of Facebook users in each country:


Although Australia doesn’t have the highest number of Facebook users compared to such countries as America, Brazil and India, according to an article by Jeff Bullas Australians spend more time on Facebook per month than any other country.

The following video provides a lot of interesting statistics about social media’s impact on society and although it does overlap some ideas already explored it compliments the video posted on Study Desk nicely.

Technology has had such an incredible impact on our daily lives, not only in the way that conversations are exchanged but also how knowledge is attained. An article by Mark Laurie identifies some changes that social networking has influenced on society, examining politics, personal relations, education, marketing and the generating of information as all being impacted by the rise in social networking forums. Indeed, today we have access to information more than ever before, becoming more informed and connected on a larger, more globalised scale.


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