Computer Games as a Learning Tool

My involvement in this week’s activities has inspired me to look further into the topic of gaming as a tool for engaging student learning in the classroom. I found a really great resource that looks into this issue (which you will find by clicking here), relating specifically to the Australian Curriculum. Within this article, Catherine Beavis outlines specifically what video games can offer to teaching the English syllabus, particularly examining the link between games and story telling.

As part of the learning path for this week I investigated the program Spore which provides an interactive gaming experience that allows students to have creative freedom in designing characters and worlds. The use of this game can be integrated not only into teaching English but also Science, as it strongly reflects ecological and evolutionary concepts. It also incorporates some contemporary issues regarding natural resources which could instigate conversations about the environment. This site provides some really great suggestions on how Spore can be used by teachers in the classroom.

There is a lot of information about different online games that students can access that provide educational experiences. One such site that I found that might be of use for future reference was found here and it provides an extensive list of free online games that can be incorporated into lessons.


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