Module Two : Initial Thoughts

After a super hectic week of completing assignments I’m finally catching up on some blog posts for this course! While I was reading through the initial learning path this week I realised just how much I appreciate the way in which this course has been structured, infact I think that it has so far been the most interesting, meaningful and engaging course that I have completed so far in my studies.

But now for some initial thoughts on Module Three…

The Backwards Design was introduced early in this new learning path and I can appreciate the value that this concept will ultimately have in the completion of our next assignment. The following video provides a short description of what the Backward Design entails, and it really does make sense to work in this way in order to ensure that all students are able to complete set tasks.

Module Two has already been specifically related to our next Assignment for this course, and as a result I’ve found myself thinking about the context of my UoW for this assessment piece. Although I’ve completed unit plans in previous courses, having acquired new knowledge about ICT integration from EDC3100 I’m really keen to be able to create a unit that facilitates a number of new technological capabilities.


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