Blog Prompt

I’m going to address the blog prompt that was provided to us on the Study Desk this week. I’ve done some research on the various educational tools, games and online activities available that are relevant to my context, and these are as follows;

  •  A number of short videos that describe the social, cultural effects of the Plague.
  • A card game devised to illustrate the rate of infection brought on by the Bubonic Plague.
  • A free online game that asks students questions relevant to the topic.
  • A site to help students develop their understanding of primary sources by providing a number of documents with questions.
  • An app that allows students to use their phones as an educational tool to simulate the plague



One thought on “Blog Prompt

  1. […] and other activities, the other online resources that I have discovered (from a previous post) might be able to enhance learning experience further by providing varied learning opportunities to […]

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