Learning Path Activity : Share Your Assignment 2 Curriculum

Having completed the initial learning path for Module Two I had started to put some thought into what context I should use for the next assessment piece for EDC3100. After participating in the previous learning activity I think I’d really like to base my unit plan around a Year 8 History class, perhaps examining the cause and effects of the Black Plague. The learning objectives that I have found related to this year level and syllabus are as follows;

Learning Objectives:-


Historical Knowledge and Understanding;

  • The causes and effects of events and developments
  • The significance of individusals and groups and how they were influenced by the beliefs and values of their society.

Questioning and Reasoning;

  • Development of discerning focus questions to frame a historical inquiry when researahcing
  • Analysis, discriminating selection and organistion of information from a wide range of primary and secondary sources.

Analysing and Interpreting;

  • Identifies origins and purposes


  • Uses historical terms and concept effectively in appropriate contexts
  • Organises and presents logical and valid historical arguments following format, style and referencing conventions
  • Integrates evidence from sources correctly and consistently references sources of information

I’m sure that as I progress further into devising this assessment piece these may need to be modified to reflect the Unit, however at this stage I’m feeling confident with what I have planned so far.




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