Reflecting on Scootle Resources

In this week’s learning path it was suggested to us that we investigate some Scootle resources that are available for our assignment. I just thought I might write a post reflecting on the particular resources that I discovered that are relevant to my UoW. For my specific content and year level I discovered only a couple sources provided by Scootle but these would be beneficial in providing initial constructing knowledge, specifically towards developing student understanding on the use of primary sources in historical investigations.

Each source has been provided by the BBC – History site and provides reputable information backed by evidence. It’s more theoretical knowledge-based learning however and I’d really like to integrate ICTs that really allow students to learn in a way that is fun and engaging. Whilst these sites could be enhanced through class discussions and other activities, the other online resources that I have discovered (from a previous post) might be able to enhance learning experience further by providing varied learning opportunities to students whilst also targeting the TPACK model.


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