Google Apps

This week I have been working more on the next assignment and after this week’s learning path I’ve become a little bit more critical in reflecting on the ICTs that I’ve chosen to integrate into my UoW. I’ve been relying a lot on the SAMR Ladder in order to do this, trying to discern whether the ICTs I plan to use are in fact successful learning experiences that will further engage and enhance learning opportunities for the context I’ve decided upon. It’s becoming so apparent to me how much my attitude on technology in the classroom is changing as a result of EDC3100, I’ve been taught in other subjects why ICT integration is becoming a fundamental tool in pedagogy but haven’t really known how to evaluate successful ICTs or what kinds of things I should be thinking of in doing this.

Google Docs has not only been mentioned a number of times, but also used throughout the weekly lesson paths and because I have a limited knowledge in the various potential of this program as a learning and teaching tool I found a useful resource that explains a variety of ways that Google Apps can be used in the classroom (click here). This site illustrates some great techniques to manipulate a number of programs offered by Google to help create better learning experiences and pedagogy and is worth a look if you have time.


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