The Influence of Technology on Education

Like Mitch Gardner, the progress that I have made so far in Assignment Two has me recalling the few times that ICTs were integrated into my own school experiences. Although some of my teachers certainly presented my class with opportunities to combine technology and learning, this ICT integration was irregular and few. Technology has really opened up the possibilities and potential for learning, and now with more and more students having access to electronic devices, knowledge is becoming even more limitless.

However, with this growth in technology there are also many young people who are being left behind. A video by Sugata Mitra explores the impact that the internet can have on the future of education and I particularly found his investigations “A Hole in the Wall” to be really fascinating experiments made on the impact of computers on education. The following is a video that explains this further, however it is also beneficial to take a look at this site to learn more about Mitra’s research and findings.




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