Prac Placement – Checklist for Preparation

I’ve been a little bit preoccupied with completing Assignment 2 and other course work to have made any substantial progress in Blog postings for Week 9, so I’m in catch up mode at the moment to get myself up-to-date. The initial work books for this week have been reiterating the requirements of pre-serving teachers during prac as well as introducing the next assignment. My placement that was organised for me has now unfortunately notified USQ that they no longer can take me, so at the moment I’m not sure where my placement will be (Eek! Fingers crossed this gets sorted out soon!). However, I will still dedicate a post to my ‘checklist’ for preparation for placement.

  • Look at the school website.

In all previous pracs that I have been fortunate enough to have, the first thing that I have done has been to look on the web at the official site for the particular school organised for me. This allows me to get a sense of the general context of the school, provides me with the opportunity to read school goals/policies as well as giving me insight into the school’s recent events (often gained through online newsletters).

  • Make initial contact/introduce yourself to your mentor before commencement date.

This initial point of contact is particularly important as it provides you an opportunity to gain an understanding of the specific school context and will better prepare you for what to expect. This initial contact can also allow any introductory documentation/booklets that might help to be forwarded on as a reference.

  • Update resource folder

During my previous pracs I have designated a plastic folder to organise grammar worksheets/handouts that I have completed or found during my placements. Making extra copies of these (particularly useful when students have completed all activities designated for the lesson quicker than expected) and organising them as required will be a help for when prac starts.

  • Printing all relevant information/forms (USQ)

By having a print out copy of all the relevant feedback forms/lesson plan templates/referee contacts etc. will ensure that I am better organised for the upcoming weeks for prac.


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