Connect.ed Modules

This week has required the completion of four modules through Connect.ed, exploring important issues regarding the safety and security of online and technological activity. Although I am familiar with a lot of issues raised during these activities, some of the terms that were defined were not things that I have been all that aware of (phishing in particular) and it was a great learning activity to remind myself of school responsibilities and the situations that I may be faced with in my future career.

I found the simulation exercise to be particularly beneficial in providing a greater insight into the pressures and social diversity that students are engaged in on a daily basis. These simulations also demonstrated how versatile bullying has now become – there are no restrictions to when this might occur as technology has become so accessible to anyone. Indeed, as technology has broadened and expanded communications, bullying has been able to take on a new form that goes beyond the school playground and, essentially, into the victims home.

Education is a particularly important component in ensuring that students are able to conduct themselves online in a manner that is safe and respectful to others. As reliance on technology has increased, it is essential that students are aware of their rights, policies that may be in place (both in school and wider community) and have an understanding of the ramifications that some online conduct will result in.

My certificate of completion can be found using the following link.




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