Some Thoughts on Staff Attitudes – IWBs

During my prac placement it was disappointing to experience the attitude of teaching staff of the use of IWBs within the classroom. Although my placement did have access to one of these whiteboards it wasn’t seen as a useful technology for high school learners among teaching staff, to the point where no one was really interested in even learning of its potential or functions. After asking whether I was able to integrate it into my lesson planning I was further told that there was only one member of staff in all the school that actually knew how to work it, and the attitude he expressed to me was much the same – that it was something more relevant towards younger students within a primary context. However, looking online I have found a number of factual, substantiated reports that support this technological integration within the high school context. One such report, devised by Professor Sandy Schuck and Dr Matthew Kearney, looks at how high schools are integrating technology through IWBs into the classroom as an effective teaching tool (click here to learn more). Not only this, but there are also a range of resources that provide some interesting learning opportunities targeted at high school learners here .

I found it a real shame that this was the perception of staff within my particular context and the lack of information/training that is obviously being provided to learn and develop knowledge based around this particular ICT.



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