ICT as a Tool for Managing Behaviour

My prac placement this year saw me develop and expand my knowledge in behaviour management when I was given a rather challenging English class to teach. Like Nicole, previously I had been given more cooperative and well behaved classes to teach and although this year’s placement was challenging at times I found the experience to be very beneficial.

My experiences with this class enabled me to appreciate the use of ICTs as a tool to manage behaviour, and I have dot pointed the different strategies that I have so far learnt regarding the use of technology in this way;

  • Having an initial activity projected up onto the board was an effective tool in ‘setting up the lesson’ as students came into the class with an activity to complete straight away without any transitional period where they were not occupied or busy completing work. This was effective throughout the whole lesson, as I found that if I was writing the next activity on the board students were  more likely to muck up due to not being occupied.
  • Showing small, short video clips relevant to the task helped to maintain student engagement on the topic. I found that engaging students was particularly challenging with this class, but they reacted well to videos and I made a point to incorporate these when I could, particularly Friday afternoons when I had them.
  • Playing music was also an effective tool when students were busy at a task, particularly as it allowed those students who had finished early to have their attention directed towards what was being played.

There are some sources that I have found that explore this issue a little further and provide some interesting strategies of taking advantage of ICTs as a tool of behaviour management. One such site can be found here and lists a number of Ipad Apps designed to help manage classroom behaviour.

One such app explored is Class Dojo, which is a tool that can be accessed and used by both teachers and students to monitor and reward good behaviour. The following clip explains the benefits to students.




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