Teacherless Classrooms

This week’s learning path examined the idea of future classrooms being teacherless. The following video looks a little at this issue, and I found the point made about educating Africa to be particularly interesting.

Although I’m not of the opinion that classrooms in the future will be teacherless I do find it a good point to mention technology’s role in educating places in the world where teachers are not prepared to go – like Africa. As was mentioned in this video, Google were apparently very interested in this concept of a teacherless classroom because of this reason.

In an article  the idea that there will be teacherless classrooms in the future is examined as being an inevitability, where teachers will have less of a role in the education of their students.

It’s an interesting topic of discussion, however I myself find it hard to imagine an education system that does not require such a reliance on teaching staff. Although technology is advancing and the future of education will inevitably change, I believe it will be the pedagogical practices that will be adjusted, not the roles of teachers.


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