Influences of Technology

The story posted in this week’s readings about technology helping make a difference to the local and wider communities has had me thinking about other young people who are using the internet to affect change. The video about Caine’s Arcade and Martha’s Never Seconds blog referred to on the Study Desk were examples of how much impact technology can really have on affecting change and bringing people together.

One example of this that I have found was McKenna Pope petitioning for gender equality in Hasbro’s production of easy bake ovens which was marketed specifically for girls. She was inspired to pursue this issue because her younger brother wanted one but felt that he couldn’t because of Hasbro’s female orientated design and marketing. The following video shows Pope interviewing her brother and asking for people to sign her petition for gender equality.

According to her petition page over 45, 000 people showed support for the campaign and was supported by a number of top chefs. The following news segment broadcasted by Good Morning America provides more detail about the impact that Pope’s petition had.

It’s not just change that technology can offer but also an opportunity to create businesses and build companies. Many people, as young as 14, are using the internet to become entrepreneurs, with a listed top 20 provided by Michael Dunlop’s blog, Retire @21. Within the list is a number of different people who have large monthly salaries as a result of their pursuits through technology. These range from gaming sites to marketing and have allowed young people who are still in school to have an income.


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