My EDC3100 Journey – A Reflection

I have found EDC3100 to be a very enjoyable, informative and worthwhile course to take in my studies. Indeed, it’s safe to say that this subject has been one of my most enjoyable, providing me with some excellent knowledge that has enhanced my ICT confidence and capability, as well as building upon my knowledge of pedagogical practice.

Never before would I have dared design and maintain my own blog, but I have found this component of EDC3100 to be really rewarding and enjoyable. I have every intention of translating this ICT into my life after the end of this semester and will no doubt incorporate it into my future teaching career also. Similarly, Twitter was never something I would have ever dreamed of signing up to, but again this course has opened up my eyes to the benefits of social forums in building my professional development.

Being an online student I have also found the general layout and design of this course to be the most easily-navigated, and commend David on his work throughout this semester. I have enjoyed the weekly learning paths and activities, and although the beginning of this course was particularly daunting and overwhelming, as the semester has progressed I have found more confidence in my online presence and ability to integrate ICTs into my life and teaching.

Overall, EDC3100 has been a rewarding and worthwhile subject. My understandings of technology and its use in the classroom has broadened and I am excited about what future advancements will bring to the world of education.


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